• The program introduces you to the world of Data Analytics which gives you an insight of the kind of positions big players are making in the market using Quantitative analyAsis, Technical Analysis which helps you in identifying the trend of the market and Futures & Options trading which helps you to take a directional trade in the market by hedging your positions.
  • Data Analytics-Every trading day the big players be it the FII’s, DII’s, HNI’s are making absolute tremendous positions in the Stock Market. What are those positions and what side are they being made on and how are they available to retail traders in the live market are the indications given by data analytics.
  • Technical Analysis-With the advent of many indicators and oscillators in this field it becomes a human limitation to master all the technical analysis parameters. With the philosophy of “Keep it Simple”, we use simple yet effective technical parameters to understand the trend of the market.
  • Futures & Options Analysis-After getting an indication from Data Analytics the kind of positions being made by the big players and an indication from Technical Analysis of the trend of the market, Futures & Options tool help us to how to take positions in the stocks/indices entering our filter so that we can hedge them to limited risk and maximum rewards. Learning Basic strategies in the beginning followed by advance hedging strategies evolves you from being a novice to a professional Derivatives trader in the market.

Course Curriculum

8 Online webinars

4 live in the market 9.15 to 11 am IST Tuesday and Thursday

4 Offline webinars

1st Offline webinar

Introduction to data analytics,

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Hybrid of both methods

2nd Offline Webinar

Creation of excel sheets (Offline as well as Online)

Option Strategies

3rd Offline Webinar

Greeks and Option Strategies

4th Offline webinar

Elliott Wave Theory

4 Online Webinars

Practical Implementation of the Strategies and Technical Analysis