Sachin Bawle

I would like to personally thank and really appreciate the ideology of School Of Derivatives and all other analysis in each webinar. As a School Of Derivatives student I am really lucky to have such a trainer or I can call Asim as a mentor who guides us and gives us immense knowledge about the market conditions. This is the kind of support I was actually looking for in this market before joining School of Derivatives.

I actually do not have much words to express about how happy I am as a student and to have such mentors like Asim. Now I am confident to say I am a Professional trader after spending 1 year of practice and learning continuously through School of Derivatives. I do not have any emotions like before to trade in the market. The market is always uncertain no matter how prepared we are “but “, ” but ” the kind of tools, preparation, risk money management, trade management, all of these are just extraordinary, with all these tools and support we can sail fearlessly in this stock market ocean.